Ocala Real Estate – How The Area Is Slowly Recovering From The Housing Crunch

The town of Ocala lies in the central Florida region, an area that is famous for the abundance of horse farms, where guests will be surrounded by large, elegant estates and lush greenery, and are just a couple of minutes from the nearest shopping malls, interstate accessibility, airport, along with commercial and as well as medical facilities. In 1995, the prestigious ‘Money’ magazine named town as the fifth best place to live for a town its size, in the United States.

The Warm Climate Serves As A Nice Spot For Buying homes for sale in ocala fl 34471

The town is comfortably located 72 kilometers from famous attractions like Walt Disney World in Orlando. Together with the proximity to important tourist and business attractions, the climate is as beautiful, warm and full of excellent sun-filled days and cool nights. When compared to other areas in Florida, the city is around 80 to 90 feet above sea level and generally experiences balmy weather during the cold , winter months.

According to the Marion County Building Department, the amount of builders queuing for licenses to build single-family homes is creating new regional records. The department has issued 1,765 licenses for new, single-family homes from April through June of this year, which does not include those slated for construction within the city limits. This figure represent a 40 percent increase from the 1,260 this past year issued within precisely the exact same period. For those very same months, the statistics to the sale of existing single-family homes in the Ocala area was placed at 1,423, which had been down by more than 18% in comparison with ,743 sold during precisely the exact same period this past year, dependent on the data provided from the Florida Association of Realtors.

The Local Housing Market Has Shaken Off The Slump Lately

According to local home market analysts, a modest recession has been noted from the new house market a couple of months ago, however the industry has been viewed as having been able to rebound back, and construction is back in previous levels. The temporary issue for new construction came , in part, when construction speculators constructed homes with no particular buyers in your mind, and were just expecting to cash in on the current housing boom. Those homes bought by speculators bombarded the market for a time but have now been consumed by new buyers. As a whole, Marion County is still seen as a viable home market, because of its location and since home is still cheaper here than in a number of different regions in South Florida and in northern countries too.

For people who wish to purchase new homes in areas like Inverness, Crystal River, Beverly Hills, Dunnellon or other areas, among the greatest things to do would be to get a good map, and try to drive around town. This assists buyers properly familiarize themselves with the current housing trends and will help them get accustomed to travel around town too. Whether this couldn’t be done, house buyers could also conveniently check on the Internet for more information on town ‘s property market collections, and they may also take online tours of town ‘s areas.

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